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Ø 63
1. White
2. Aluminium 3. Anthracite
9. Rust-red
4. Black
ü Recessed luminaire with lateral emission for outdoor installation in
wall or pavement.
ü Configuration: die-cast aluminium structure . EN AB-47100 (low
copper content).
ü Double layer coating for high resistance to corrosion: chemical
conversion coating on the aluminium surface followed by a first layer
of epoxy powder and a second finishing layer of polyester powder.
ü Moulded silicone gasket and 360° emitting glass lens fixed with
silicone glue
ü Protection rating: IP67
ü In compliance with EN 60598-1 standards
ü Class of insulation: III
ü Installation: Snell is equipped with a highly efficient resin-coated DC/
DC switching converter that guarantees the right power supply to
the LED module, removes electromagnetic interference and allows
parallel wiring. Feeding tension must be included between 12 and
24V d.c., any other supply will irretrievably damage the LED module.
Snell is protected against polarity reversal (the luminaire does not
switch on) and is equipped with a piece of cable for an easy-to-make
connection (please provide effective insulation on the connection).
Installation requires a dedicated box (to be ordered separately) to be
installed flush with the surface. For ground installation it is important
to provide a proper gravel layer or drain system (>200mm) to ensure
good drainage and to avoid water stagnation.
ü Warning! Use IP68 connectors to avoid water ingress from the cable.
Do not install in
hollow areas.
Installation requires a
20cm water drainage
layer (gravel)
The fitting is
equipped with
1 cable input.
Protection against
IK 07 - 2,00 joule
Static load: 2000Kg
walk over
Drive over
Recessed wall fitting
Remote device required
Check that diffuser’s
temperature “T max °C”
(tested at 25°C)
complies with your local
Pre-wired with approx
250mm of cable.