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Do not install in
hollow areas.
Installation requires a
30cm water drainage
layer (gravel)
Recessed wall fitting
Pre-wired with approx
250mm of cable
Remote device required
Check that diffuser’s
temperature “T max °C”
(tested at 25°C)
complies with your local
Static load: 1000Kg walk
over (Ø 120mm version)
Static load: 1500Kg walk
over (Ø 130mm version)
Protection against
IK 09 - 10,00 joule
Ø 130
Ø 85
Ø 110
Ø 120
Ø 85
Ø 110
ü Round recessed luminaire for outdoor installation in wall and ground.
ü Configuration: die-cast aluminium structure. EN AB-47100 (low
copper content)
ü Double layer coating for high resistance to corrosion: chemical
conversion coating on the aluminium surface followed by a first layer
of epoxy powder and a second finishing layer of polyester powder.
ü Tempered transparent or sandblasted glass, moulded silicone
gasket, aluminium or AISI 316L stainless steel frame.
ü Protection Rating: IP67
ü In compliance with EN 60598-1 standards
ü Class of insulation: mains: I, low voltage: III
ü Installation: the luminaire is equipped with M16x1,5 plastic cable
gland and a piece of cable for an easy-to-make connection. Outdoor
use requires suitable flexible cables assuring the watertightness of
the cable gland. Installation requires a dedicated box to be ordered
separately. It is important to provide a >300mm gravel layer or a
drain system (for concrete surface) to ensure good drainage and to
avoid water stagnation.
ü Warning! Use IP68 connectors to avoid water ingress from the cable.
1. White
2. Aluminium 3. Anthracite
9. Rust-red
0. Inox
4. Black
Aluminium finish frame
Stainless steel finish frame