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cool whi te 6000K
LED Colour Temperature
The emot ion of l ight is enhanced by colour. Whi te is a vivid colour whose shades are def ined by a parameter cal led
colour temperature (CCT) , measured in Kelvin (K) . Whi te LEDs too are therefore classi f ied according to thei r CCT
in three main ranges:
Cool Whi te (5600-6500K) has a low colour render ing index (CRI approx. 70) and the predominant colour is l ight
blue, ideal for the l ight ing of modern archi tecture in whi te, cool whi te, glass, stainless steel and gloss metals.
Cool whi te is the f i rst shade created for the whi te range and st i l l has the highest ef f iciency (ARES’ select ion is for
devices having >110lm/W)
Warm Whi te (2900-3200K) has a good colour render ing index (CRI >80) , ideal for the l ight ing of general inter iors
and exter iors, mainly rust ic archi tecture, wood or other sur faces where the predominant colours are the warm
shades: red and yel low. Warm whi te has a lower ef f iciency (>80lm/W)
Natural Whi te (3700-4200K) is the last shade introduced in the whi te range to mediate between the low ef f iciency
of warm whi te and the low colour render ing of cool whi te. Natural whi te of fers a CRI 80 and an ef f iciency of 95lm/W,
a balanced compromise for a real ist ic outdoor l ight ing of green and warm shades.